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But UKIP opposes it for not making income tax powers depend on a referendum. Plaid Cymru is not expected to come to a decision until its group meets on Tuesday. The latest Wales Bill offers to extend the transfer of powers over tax, energy, transport and the assembly's own affairs. It also introduces a system of powers that are reserved to Westminster - such as defence and foreign affairs - with everything else assumed to be devolved. But the bill has been criticised for being unclear, for having a large list of reservations and for potentially resulting in a reduction of the assembly's ability to make laws. Image caption Andrew RT Davies told reporters on Tuesday that this will not be the last Wales Bill Returning powers from the EU would mean more legislation would eventually be needed "to realign those responsibilities", said Mr Davies, who campaigned for a Leave vote in the EU referendum. "This will not be the last Wales Bill, but it will be the last Wales Bill in this parliamentary session", he added. The Welsh Conservative leader also regretted the UK government's decision not to devolve powers over air passenger duty. He said he thought it would be devolved eventually as there was "no coherent argument to hold it back".

(AP Photo/David Goldman, File) A Muslim family must allow its teenage daughters to take part in theirschools mixed-sex swimming classes -- even though their parents object, the European Court for Human Rights ruled Tuesday, deciding that Swiss authorities had not violated the family's religious liberties. Continue Reading Below FREE FROM BOKO HARAM, NIGERIA'S CHIBOK GIRLS ARE KEPT SILENT The Swiss family of Turkish origin sought an exemption for their daughters from swimming classes with boys, the BBC reported . Swiss officials rejected the familys request but said the girls could dress in full-body swimwear known as burkinis , and not change clothes in the presence of boys. The seven judges in the Strasbourg, France, court conceded that the Switzerlands policy interfered with the familys freedom of religion. However, the court found that the schools action was acceptable, to protect foreign students from any form of social exclusion. TURKEY'S BLOODY 2016 PUTS WEST'S PORTAL TO MIDDLE EAST IN JEOPARDY The court also ruled, Successful social integration according to local customs and mores, took precedence over the parents wish to have their daughters exempted from mixed swimming lessons and that the childrens interest in attending swimming lessons was not just to learn to swim, but above all to take part in that activity with all other pupils. Continue Reading Below Schools play an important role in social integration, and exemptions from some lessons are justified only in very exceptional circumstances, the court stated. In 2010, after a long-running legal battle, Swiss authorities fined the family, which lives in Basel, $1,376 for acting in breach of their parental duty. At that time the girls had not yet reached puberty; the girls would have been exempted from mixed-sex swim classes if they were pubescent, the court stated. The parents, Aziz Osmanoglu and Sehabat Kocabas, also received fair legal proceedings in Swiss courts, the court ruled. Forcing their daughters to participate in mixed swim classes would be a violation of Article Nine of the European Convention on Human Rights, the parents had claimed. Outbrain

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