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4 Zodiac Signs Virgo Season 2018 Will Affect The Least

Your positive attitude could earn you respect and favors from superiors." Leo, your fiery energy will serve you well during Virgo season 2018 . The theme of abundance is one you work with in your everyday life, and Virgo season is only going to increase your ability to manifest . "You will feel the urge to expand your horizons, try new things, bigger and better things, have more fun, and make more money," Partridge revealed. "Extra charm and beauty makes this a good time for making friends and dating. It’s also a good time for shopping for fashion and beauty products, jewelry, art, and gifts." As long as you maintain your naturally persistent attitude, the world is your oyster. "Now that Mercury is no longer retrograde, you can be confident about finalizing business deals, signing contracts, and making important final decisions." Scorpio, it's Virgo season and the livin' is easy. If you've felt stalled this summer, Virgo season 2018 is going to allow you to move forward with ease. While other signs will struggle to make progress, you have a green light all month long. "Take action and put your well-formed plan into motion from mid-September to mid-November, when Mars has finished his retrograde and is ready to help you move forward," Astrologer Kelly Surtees noted on her website. "Fast paced progress in your domestic life will be possible then." Mystery-maker Scorpio, Virgo season is also going to present you with opportunities for love, and your allure will be stronger than ever.

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*during sex*Me: I want you to hurt meThem: astrology isn’t realMe: whatThem: you only use astrology as a coping mechanism to try and make sense of the world Me: stop

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