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But all the creativity and self-expression that once went into fancy day shoes have not been squashed. They have simply been transferred to the trainer, and because the palette is more limited than varieties of women’s shoes of yore provided, the smallest trainer detail is now freighted with significance. The differences between a woman who wears Converse (hippyish creative) and one who opts for Superga (wannabe It girl) is far more dramatic than those between one who once wore Ferragamo (old-school posho) and one who pledged her troth to Chanel (fashion posho). So when you ask what kind of trainers you should buy, Carolyn, it really depends on what kind of person you are. See my trainers, see my soul. But if you’re asking what the cool trainers of the moment are, then that is easy: Reebok’s new Club C . I’ll be honest, the appeal of these boring old-school tennis shoes somewhat passes me by, and I usually love everything from the 80s. But I live by a simple maxim and it is this: never question trendy gay people, and this is undoubtedly the shoe of the trendy gay people at the moment. As Samantha so wisely says in Sex and the City, “First the gays, then the girls,” and in the past fortnight at least three-quarters of the Guardian’s fashion desk have ordered a pair for themselves. So if that isn’t definitive proof then I’ll eat my own trainers (Jeremy Scott for Adidas, the shoe for those who spend too long on

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